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Portable Toilet Options Provided by Liberty

Liberty Portable Toilets offers reliable service and quality portable restrooms delivered when & where needed.

We take pride in providing the cleanest portable toilets in Ohio, and you can rest assured in knowing that each one is sanitized after servicing.

We're dedicated to our customers and always happy to meet your needs and requests for specific events or projects that require portable restrooms.

For your comfort and convenience, our Portable Toilets are 25% Larger than the Average Portable Toilets!

Standard Portable Toilets

We Have Portable Toilet Solutions

Portable toilets are a fantastic solution to an uncomfortable situation.

They answer the need to take care of nature’s call when there may be no other conveniences available.

Portable restrooms provide for a convenient, simple set up and can be cleaned fast and easily so that they remain comfortable for extended use.

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Portable Toilets with Sinks

Sinks with Running Water!

Our Portapottys with sink and running water are a great addition to any event with children where they might get messy!

Even though all of our portolets have a hand sanitizer dispenser, a sink with running water is a fantastic option for just about any event.

  • These units include a urinal too
  • Generous amount of water for use in the sink
  • Paper towel dispenser well stocked
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Handicap Toilets

Make sure your special needs guest are accomodated

Our Handicap Portolets will meet the needs of your guests needing a little extra space in a portable restroom.

  • 3 hand rails on all walls for safety and ease of use
  • Spacious interior with extra floor space
  • Perfect for families needing extra space for assisting small children
  • Great poolside for use as a changing room!
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Long and short term toilet rental solutions

How long do you need your portable toilets?